Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Flash Movies

Hey everybody,
I just wanted to post my movies up so that I can show you my progress from the first one I made to the latest... you can check all these out on my page Mortis5000 Newgrounds Page

Street Fighter Series Episode 1:
You have to goto my page at Street Fighter Series Episode 1...
The reason why is, that this movie is on an endless loop so it would interfere with the other's best to watch at that location.

Street Fighter Series Episode 2:
You can go here.

Street Fighter Series Episode 3 Trailer:
You can go here.

The Rivals Series: Naruto Vz Sasuke:
You can go here.


Suroy said...

Hi man, Forgive me for my english, I still learning...

I was knowing this project today, I stay keep my eye… good luck, therefore seems to be interesting there is coming...

mortis5000 said...

Thanks man