Sunday, August 3, 2008

SF Series Episode 2

I have started on the new episode of SF Series, my last episode scored pretty high with the 'critics' (8.2/10) but didn't have a lot of 'commercial' success (958 views). Also SF Series EP 1 also changed the structure of my episodes, because at first I was going to have one episode center around one set of ppl...but when I had to cut off the last fighting sequence it destroyed that structure so now the episode will be having running story lines. This next episode I will have a couple of new things such as the menu...will no longer have just the ppl the episode was center on but a complete cast somewhat. I added a lot of stuff, such as bios, an added feature suggested by the reviewers for a subtitle option, probably going to add a parody in there. The story in this episode will be much deeper and involving so hopefully this time I get an award.